Newcomers Employment Seminar

Newcomers Employment & Vocational Guidance Seminar 6.10.2022

This seminar provides an overview of the New Zealand interview process, CV writing tips, NZ work culture, as well as gives practical tips on looking for, applying for, and securing a job in NZ. We also share relevant resources and programs currently available to newcomers that will assist in your job search and introduce you to our partners who are helping Ukrainians into jobs, as well as potential employers and opportunities available NZ-wide.

The seminar is for:

  • Special Ukraine Visa Holders seeking employment in NZ;
  • Newcomers from Ukraine seeking employment in NZ (*who already have a work visa);
  • Sponsors of the newcomers who want to assist their family members with securing employment in NZ;
  • Other *eligible Ukrainians currently looking for employment in NZ;
  • Ukrainian community leaders, who can pass this information along;
  • Potential NZ employers, who would like to assist
  • Ukrainian newcomers into employment.
  • NGOs and relevant support organisations that have complementary employment assistance services and programs for migrants/refugees which can be extended to Ukrainians;
  • Experts, who will be willing to work with Ukrainians/ provide guidance.

The materials that were covered at the seminar:

*  Note: if you are not currently in NZ and do not hold a work visa already / are not in the process of obtaining one, this may not be relevant to you, as we will not be providing consultations or insights on the process or pathways to obtain a work visa on this occasion. The event is aimed specifically at those who are eligible to work in NZ and are currently looking for employment.