The Ukrainian Refugee
Relocation Trust

Receive help through "Atawhai for Ukraine".

Background Information:​

Mahi for Ukraine recently held a fundraising event “Atawhai for Ukraine” where we raised funds to support Ukrainian families moving to New Zealand to escape the war. All proceeds of the event went into the Ukrainian Refugee Relocation Trust which was set up by the Mahi for Ukraine team members. 
The Ukrainian Refugee Relocation Trust is managed by an independent trustee – Perpetual Guardian (trading name of Perpetual Trust Limited). In relation to the philanthropic funding stewarded by Perpetual Guardian, the company is acting at all times as Trustee or Custodian of the charitable trusts or estates to which it is appointed and not in its personal capacity. In relation to the philanthropic funding stewarded by Perpetual Guardian, Perpetual Guardian includes the company as a whole and its advisory boards, co-trustees, committees that are attached to charitable entities for which they act as Trustee or Custodian.
The application process below was created in order for Ukrainians who recently arrived in New Zealand on the 2022 Special Ukraine Visa to express their interest in receiving support packages provided through the Atawhai for Ukraine initiative (via the Ukrainian Refugee Relocation Trust), and to assess their applications for eligibility accordingly.


Application Highlights:

The application form must be completed by or on behalf of a holder/s of the 2022 Special Ukraine Visa (22SUV), who are currently in New Zealand. If you are completing the application on behalf of a 22SUV holder, you must have their consent to do so on their behalf.

The 22SUV holder/s in this application must be already in New Zealand or have confirmed plans to be arriving within 1 month.

Only one application can be made on behalf of a family unit. All family members who are 22SUV holders and are currently in New Zealand (or arriving within 1 month) wishing to apply for this support must be added to the same application form. Multiple applications for the same individuals or family units will not be considered.

The main applicant must ensure all persons included in the application have agreed to their details being used for verification purposes, in order to establish their eligibility for this support, by providing consent within the application form.

The main applicant must provide all required information and evidence proving that the persons they are applying for are indeed 22SUV holders and are currently residing in NZ or are due to arrive shortly. There are 30 questions in total (including “additional comments” fields).

Providing visa proof and other documents: 

  • Following the completion of the application form, you would be required to send us an email and include ALL additional information and relevant evidence for all 22SUV holders included in your application. This has to be emailed to the address set out within the application form, with the specified reference in the subject line.
  • Please note – we expect ONE email per application containing all evidence and additional information. Avoid sending multiple emails, as this will significantly delay the processing of your application or could even potentially result in the application being rejected.
  • Applications without supporting evidence will not be considered. Full instructions are provided within the form.

Where any personal information is provided as part of this application, Mahi for Ukraine and Perpetual Guardian will only use this information as described in the Privacy Statement provided within the form.

Important notes:

  • Please do not email us with questions relating to this application. If you require clarifications, please send us a message via our Facebook pagePlease use the email provided only as indicated above.
  • Please complete this application in English.
  • The support packages will be delivered in the form of gift vouchers to specified NZ stores and their value will be determined based on the number of eligible 22SUV holders in your application and the selections made within the application form.  Note, no cash payments will be made available.
  • The application form linked below contains full terms & conditions and more detailed instructions on the application process. Please read all instructions carefully for each section and follow them accordingly.
  • Please ensure you have passports and visa details handy for all 22SUV holders.
  • This application form will be active for four weeks from its release. All applications must be submitted by September 7th, 2022 in order to be considered.
  • All applications will be assessed once the application process is closed. You will hear from us in due time with an outcome. Please do not follow up via email.

Use the “apply for support” button below to complete your application.

Donate towards the Trust
If you would like to donate towards the Ukrainian Refugee Relocation Trust (URR Trust) you can do so via our Givealittle (“donate” button below) or by direct deposit into the Trust account. Please also feel free to share this page with your friends.

Our account details for direct donations: 02-0108-0306765-003

(IMPORTANT: please use the following client number as your reference when transferring donations to ensure we receive these: 3010211430. Alternatively, include either Mahi for Ukraine or the URR Trust as an identifying narration).

If you would like to receive a tax-deductible receipt for your donation, please e-mail with your name, and the amount of your donation, and include “URR Trust donation – Mahi for Ukraine” in the subject line.

The funds raised through our Givealittle page and via direct transfers will be used to support new arrivals on the 2022 Special Ukraine Visa through various other initiatives.