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Advocacy Survey
If you are a Ukrainian living in New Zealand or a Kiwi with a connection to Ukraine – we need your help!
  As a community, we are working closely with the NZ Government and continue to advocate for help to Ukraine and its people in these unprecedented times.
  This is our second survey aimed to assist with our advocacy for the Special Ukraine Visa Policy changes.
  Please complete this survey regardless of whether you have already applied for the Ukraine Special Visa/ whether you are eligible to apply or not/ and whether your family has arrived in NZ or not, or even if you are not planning to apply. 
  The survey will take approximately 4 minutes to complete. Once completed please share it with your Ukrainian friends. 
Thank you!
Xmas Gift Donations for Refugees

With the silly season fast approaching, Mahi for Ukraine is organising a Xmas Picnic for the Ukrainian newcomers in Auckland with gift-giving, food, and some good old Kiwi Xmas summer vibes.

As most of our friends & supporters know, these newcomers (even though are called “refugees”) are not technically considered convention refugees and receive absolutely NO government support whatsoever. This will be their first Christmas away from home, and we imagine that gift-giving is the last thing on their and their families’ minds. So we wanted to show them some Aroha, and bring at least some normality back into their lives.

If you or your organisation would like to support this event and donate some gifts towards it, please contact us before Friday 16 December to coordinate this.

Thank you for your generosity this holiday season!, or DM

And if you are a Ukrainian who would like to attend this event, please DM us on Facebook for event details (time and location).