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Auckland Roofing & Waterproofing Ltd

021 470 369
Residential and light commercial roofing and waterproofing

Tanya’s ARTelier photo and art studio
022 097 24 16
Tanya Mishchuk
Ukrainian-New Zealander Photographer, Photo Retoucher, Artist
Please note, that an appointment is required!


020 41 0000 26 
Expandable Tiny Houses

Bright Life Solutions

022 396 78 08
Electrical Works: new-build, renovation, upgrade

Doggy Daycare
022 018 89 78
Brunton Place, Glenfield


027 200 70 34
Quality outdoor and indoor sunshade solutions:
blinds, shutters, shade sails, awnings, pergolas, etc.

Viktoriya Photography
021 265 89 77
Family, couples, newborn, and portrait photography


LifestyleCamper New Zealand
Proudly made in Ukraine available in New Zealand


Softwash Professional
078 481 700; 021 026 173 49
Exterior cleaning company residential and commercial

SLAVICA Online Store
Sultana and Bran biscuits and crackers from Ukraine under the SLAVICA BAKERY brand

Lower Hutt

Natalia'S Fashion Studio
022 340 70 05
Fashion design and dressmaking


Euro Beauty Studio
022 372 67 41
Iryna Taylor, Cosmetologist 
Specialising in skin treatments using the finest quality products from Europe


Bay Buckwheat
027 413 7604
Roasted buckwheat from Ukraine

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